Maddalena Zappia Critique by Timothy Warrington

Maddalena Zappia

Maddalena Zappia is an artist equipped with the mastery of profound skills in a diverse range of practices; proficient in traditional Fine Painting and contemporary Action Painting, geometrical abstracts, Cubism, Abstract Expressionism and Abstract Impressionism, Zappia’s artworks’ excellent quality reflects her years of dedication towards the Arts through her formal academic and practical training. 


The artist's sophistication lies in her artwork’s perplexing geometrical abstracts, with compositions that are calculated with precise accuracy and dimensionally elevating palettes. Zappia’s Cubist artworks are more Impressionistic takes of geometry, featuring contextual figures and settings created entirely out of different shapes that align with each other to illustrate lively scenes. Complementary colours bounce between the lines to enhance the juxtaposing sharpness of every corner, edges, and curves, bringing the mathematical shapes to life to form spatial structures with complexities that transcends the canvas’ surfaces. 


Connections can be stimulated from Georges Mathieu in Zeppia’s Expressionistic works through her centralling compositions and bold brush marks that contrast warm and cold tones. The explosive strokes of paint dashing across the centre of the canvas over solid-coloured backgrounds offers a sense of balance to the composition as the energetic brush marks darts with purpose over one solid tone that contains a strength that can wholly support every movement on its own.


In traditional works, Zappia possesses the skills of the old Masters, able to capture likeness of individuals photographically in portraiture works and breathes life into the figures through refined and elegant brushworks, portraying textures from skin, furs, and fabrics delicately using exquisitely controlled brush techniques. Zappia’s mastery of the Arts shines through her ability to adapt to both contemporary and classical painting. In both areas of practice, Zappia’s consistent perception of dimensions are exhibited through her profound utilisation of chiaroscuro between light and shadows to create paintings that are visually rich in depth.


Maddalena Zappia’s flexibility and diversity is a value that is respected and deeply appreciated in the art world. Whether traditional or contemporary, Zappia’s ability to work with artistic conventions as well as impulsive intuitions never fails to take viewers into further depths of dimensions.