Manss Aval - The Critique

Manss AvalAn aesthetic harmony of colour that explodes on the canvas is a unique and highly distinctive quality on every artwork created by contemporary artist Manss Aval. Whilst confronting his spectacular works, the spectator is overwhelmed by a stimulating visual joy, depicting nature’s beautiful patterns and textures in a thoroughly intimate and communicative composition.
Aval’s thought-provoking and stunning works impress the viewer with their infinite capacity to challenge and disrupt conventions of beauty, simplicity and balance, whilst embracing alternating concepts of disorder, irregularity and freedom.
Aval’s multifaceted compositions transfix the viewer with mysterious and abyssal geometries, transforming inanimate objects into faces, arrangements and figures that portray our surroundings in a more inviting and peculiar perspective. His paintings are often cleft by expressive shapes that oscillate on the canvas with fluctuating weaves, dots and lines, sporadically but nonetheless systematically arranged in a perfect interchange.
A captivating sense of movement and a consistent dynamic flow becomes a central theme in Aval’s creations, enhanced by luminous tones, and most importantly, a fierce desire to go beyond the boundaries of a constrained abstraction. At first glance, one perceives a sophisticated and rational knowledge of Aval’s artistry, exemplified in every fervent application of vibrant colour and proportional accuracy.
Today, the artist electrifies the viewer with structural abstractions that communicate concepts of science, nature and emotion. His energetic and intellectual works retain a dynamism that relates to a Futuristic vision of art, communicating the experiences of modern life through a stimulating interpretation of space and time. Aval’s works resembles an ecstatic ritual, focusing on repeated geometric patterns, intersecting circles and stripes that add tension and vivacity.
Aval balances his compositions in a beautiful maze of proportions, whilst conceiving divergent perspectives that dramatically intersect with one another.
Timothy Warrington
International Confederation of Art Critics