Mariesa Ciullo - The Critique

Mariesa Ciullo Artist Art CritiqueMariesa Ciullo’s sensual paintings show incredible passion and emotive artistry, validated by her dazzling methods of experimentation and emotional involvement, which are the basis of her eclectic creative process. Her artworks radiate innate brilliance as each canvas is permeated with the power of life itself - supreme contrasts in fantastical colour and the energetic movement of complex brushwork rejuvenate Ciullo’s imaginary worlds. This Italian artist often depicts a harmony of figures positioned in a balanced composition, expressed through atmospheric and dreamy forms, in primitive earthy tones that complement paradoxical shades of turquoise blue and blood orange.
Characterised by eccentric and unexpected arrangements, vibrant and peculiar combinations that successfully animate the canvas - this attracts the viewer’s attention as much as the subject matter itself. This talented Italian artist translates her innermost subconscious into pure hues, thus enabling us to experience her magnificent creative talent. The colour palette in Ciullo’s work is central to her approach: fierce, intense and emotional chromatisms highlight the dynamic impetus and elemental balance of the scenes represented, conveying a vital exuberance that reminds us of Matisse, recognised for illustrating his surroundings with bold, unrealistic and utopian colours.
Dissonant and wild contrasts of shades express an sentimental intensity that is also reminiscent of André Derain’s compositions which show experimentation with primitive and expressive vibrancy. From natural landscapes to expressive portraits, passing through an orchestra of psyches and musical instruments, Ciullo’s compositions talk about love, destiny and the mystery of life. The brushwork seems to vary according to the temperamental frames of mind experienced by the characters: delicate and pastel touches of pigment intertwine with tactile and vigorous flows of dense paint in an dynamic intricacy of textural patterns.
Thereafter, the spectator is enchanted by enigmatic figures hiding behind a dreamlike and evocative ambience constructed of fine shades. A combination of unique and innovative styles and philosophies harmonically coexists in Ciullo’s paintings, albeit originated from her sensitive mind and skilled hands. The viewer is called to attention and reflection, to analysis and synthesis by the surprisingly attractive charisma of this artist’s oeuvre. As the unrivaled artist Georgia O’Keeffe once said: “To create one’s own world takes courage” and in Ciullo’s work we truly perceive this tenacity as she reveals and transmits her instinctive and endless artistic inspirations.
Timothy Warrington
International Confederation of Art Critics