Marta Kisiliczyk - Critique by Timothy Warrington

Marta Kisiliczyk Artist Art CritiqueMarta Kisiliczyk possesses a rare talent through which she conceives vibrant and striking paintings depicting nature in its rawest and most beautiful form. Her abstract impressionistic style lends itself to wholly connecting the viewer to the artist’s profound love and connection with nature. This joyfully spontaneous artist, born in Poland, is gifted with the innate skill of creating thought provoking and stimulating paintings, predominantly through the medium of oil on canvas, that utilise a bold use of colour and a unique technique in which oil paint is densely and forcefully applied to canvas in a lavish and energetic exercise allowing for the conception of her powerful and intriguing artworks. Marta Kisiliczyk’s paintings enthrall the spectator with their tremendous depth of colour and profound soul as she flawlessly paints through her emotions and transmits a deeply reflective quality of art that eloquently conveys her artistic energy.
Kisiliczyk’s dreamfully abstract landscapes and thick paint suggest shared ideas with Nicolas de Staël and Vincent van Gogh, both of whom share Kisiliczyk’s striking use of rich, bright hues and her spectacular representation of nature. Highlighting the changing seasons by placing an immense emphasis on natural cycles and their effect on the human psyche, Kisiliczyk gifts the viewer with the ability to draw endless emotions from her works, which are intelligently and thoughtfully communicated through her compositions. This fine artist holds a certain finesse when bringing paint to canvas; she has the spontaneity and confidence of a Willem de Kooning and a compositional elegance of Franz Kline. In the language of expressive beauty, Kisiliczyk inspires the viewer to consider deeper meanings while, in the same instance, forming inherent uplifting vibrations in her soulful artworks.
In many of Kisiliczyk’s paintings it is possible to detect a path meandering through the scene leading the observer through the work whilst building a sense of intrigue and mystery as do many of her compositional decisions. As the eye follows the path, the mind is stimulated to ponder what may lie at the end of it whilst, simultaneously, the heart is at peace and content to embrace the innate beauty captured in the work. The textures and dramatic colours exhibited in her paintings truly define Kisiliczyk’s work and reflect the strong connection with nature that roots the artist to her practice. Kisiliczyk’s imagination and emotional freedom is extraordinary; she truly is a rare talent in its purest form who pursues and balances instinct with execution in a controlled explosion of passion.
Kisiliczyk presents a vast variety of natural scenes in her work; while her more recent creations such as the “Landscape Series” are extremely abstracted, her earlier depictions of the South African countryside and birds adopt a more traditional style presenting their subjects in a more literal form and therefore highlighting her artistic development towards more expressive and abstract compositions. Kisiliczyk’s creative journey as an artist is visible and through this exploration an observer can truly detect her love for the world. At every step she passionately shares the beauty and intricacies of our surroundings, compelling viewers to fully appreciate all of nature’s offerings with a new perspective that is as distinctive as it is refreshing.