Olga Pasechnikova Critique by Timothy Warrington

Olga Pasechnikova is a very talented and skillful artist from Zaporizhia, Ukraine, living in Melbourne, Australia. Pasechnikova studied art from the age of eleven and it is evident that curiosity and fierce creativity travels through her blood. She is a modern figurative artist specialised in conceiving realist, and at times surrealist, compositions experimenting with a variety of mediums including oil, watercolour and soft pastel.
Pasechnikova’s conceptions are saturated with light and eloquent application of colour combined with clever use of shape and refined brushwork that enriches the artworks with great sense of movement and character. The paintings sing with life, as they seem to breath and speak to the viewer, and possess a sense of presence that commands immediate attention. Pasechnikova is gifted with the innate ability to capture the spectator with a unique and stimulating stye combined with a vivid imagination that is further enhanced by a tremendous visual depth that acts as the catalyst to perceiving the essential meaning of her art.
Olga’s influence from Russian Imperialism is evident and developed into an admiration for modern symbolist Mikhail Vrubel, a true inspiration in her work, with whom she shares an extreme intellectual imagination accompanied by a dreamy and mysterious creative process. Other great russian artists that have had an impact on her artistic ideas include Valentin Serov, focused on the spontaneity of the model and nature. Both artists have an affection with portraits and use an impeccable and flawless technique which incorporates eloquent and powerful chiaroscuro. An interesting and distinctive connection can also be found between Olga Pasechnikova and Isaac Levitan in regards to their dreamlike yet realistic perspective of landscapes. In fact, one can immediately determine that Pasechnikova’s technique and brushwork has an academic and intellectual foundation, inviting the viewer to ponder and reflect, while the eye meanders through layers of vivid hues yet soft movement.
An attentive observer can certainly also detect a shared and emotional journey and spiritual identity between Olga Pasechnikova and Henri Rousseau. There is an affinity in the admiration and appreciation of nature with a clear albeit gentle respect for the tones and subtle forms captured by mother nature. The ability to effortlessly blend hundreds of shades of green in one single artwork, depicting nature along with all its beauty, painted with an engaging pallette and elegant technique defines Pasechnikova as an artist of note. However, Pasechnikova’s does not adhere to any singular art form or movement but can be characterised into several schools of thought including modern realism, post-impressionism and surrealism, with hints of magical realism and symbolism only solidifying how multifaceted, observant and open minded she is an artist.
Some of Olga’s more surrealist compositions demonstrate an interest in venetian colours that are curiously manifested in more mysterious compositions that lead the onlookers’ mind to question and challenge the innate meanings of the artworks. Olga utilises a distinct and flawless creative process that eloquently transmits her energy, personality and skill as she effortlessly commands her thoughts as well as her emotions.
There are also clear influences of Eastern art, specifically Chinese watercolour, in Olga’s graceful artworks and especially detectable in her exotic flower paintings. She innovatively integrates delicate minimalist ideas from Chinese ink as well as Japanese woodcuts, most visible in the simply beautiful leaves, stems and flowers she paints that are intertwined with ideas and philosophies from both East and West. Evocative pastel colours, soft movement and elegant structures capture the true essence of her subject while sharing a sense of timelessness with Asian art and its ancient origins. Simultaneously, she denotes the expressiveness and passion of later artists such as Van Gogh and therefore has the ability to transport the viewer to various eras through her work showcasing her versatile skill as well as her poliedric artistic competence and understanding.
Olga draws inspiration from a fascinating array of historical periods while, in the same instance, creating contemporary art with a modern direction. Her passion, innate talent and endless hunger for exploration of various art forms and art history has led to an impressively thought provoking and individual artistic style.