Patricia Ann Timbrook - The Critique

Patricia Ann TimbrookPatricia Ann Timbrook’s completely unique, fluid, and audacious style conveys a mystical aura of pure artistry reminiscent of the Great Masters of the past. From the more innocent vase of flowers to the deeper evocative abstract painting, Timbrook illustrates an increasing sensibility towards the decorative qualities of colours and forms that becomes the point of departure for an almost philosophical art.
She applies paint in delicate and soft strokes and builds compositions in warm fields of colours, enlivened by an endless enthusiasm in a creative investigation that moves the artist to explore the imaginable harmonies and contrasts with colder shades. The effects that she achieves generate a stunningly expressive outcome that fluctuates between abstraction and reality. Timbrook’s paintings vibrate by virtue of her sophisticated brushwork that purely exalts every pigment. The floral compositions magnify the still-life genre, evoking comparisons with Monet’s distinctive style.
Similarly to the mature Impressionist developments, Timbrook’s artistic evolution departed from explicit depictions of forms and linear perspectives before moving to innovative experimentations that lead her to represent incredibly lyrical “bouquets” of unconventional abstracts. Thus, the emphasis in Timbrook’s paintings shifts from delicate vases of flowers to intellectual studies on the qualities of light and the atmospheres in the scene. In fact, each striking hue conveys an emotional impact that is totally unusual in traditional still-lifes. Patricia Ann Timbrook’s figurative subjects are painted with emphatic virtuosity and fine attention to the sensitive effects of colour on the spectator’s soul. However, the great brilliance and depth of her transcendent abstracts is what really brings her canvases to ‘life’.
In fact, the sinuous and intellectual lines intertwine in a storm of magical forms, while the shadows are suddenly transfixed by lighter shades. The abstract surroundings are animated by rich rainbows of colours that appear as the accomplished synthesis of the subconscious journey of a skilful artist in constant evolution and metamorphosis. Patricia Ann Timbrook’s pure spirit and art form are an authentic and rapturous gift to the world of modern abstract painting.
Timothy Warrington
International Confederation of Art Critics