Peter Gagliardi: the young art professional

peter gagliardi curator art londonYoung, bright and electively creative, Peter Gagliardi offers a fresh and innovative perspective of art albeit art director of the historic Gagliardi Art Gallery, founded 40 years ago in the dynamic and prestigious Chelsea Borough. Long before studying Law at the renowned University College London, Peter developed an energetic love for fine art, in all its nuances, but with a careful eye to the market and the contemporary environment following the footsteps of his legendary parents (Roberto and Marie Gagliardi, founders of Gagliardi Gallery). Peter now heads one of the finest art galleries in London demonstrating his ability to preserve the family heritage as well as enrich the gallery with his youthful energy, spontaneous passion in professionalism absorbed through an upbringing of insider knowledge and observation.
Peter Gagliardi's boundaries go far beyond the King's Road, working with contemporary artists and institutions from all around the world on a wide array of projects. In the UK, he is well-known from the London Art Biennale, the esteemed exhibition where the best global contemporary art is presented in Chelsea. In Europe, Peter has been involved in exhibitions of Toulouse-Lautrec in the picturesque "Chiesa dei Gubilei", while in the Salone de' Vegni he curated a show of original woodcuts and etchings by old masters such as Durer, Rembrandt and Piranesi (the artworks were acquired from important museums such as the Metropolitan of New York and the Cincinnati Art Museum). Peter also took part in the organisation of an exhibition of original drawings by Giorgio Armani (similar works had been previously presented at the Guggenheim) organised by the Chianciano Art Museum and now on permanent show at the EXPO. He was lead curator at the Chianciano Biennale, a celebration of contemporary art but also a wonderful event that takes places over the entire city with concerts, traditional parades and exclusive parties. 
Artworks of the highest quality and years of experience are the basis of the success of the Gagliardi Gallery and Peter looks destined for a promising future of creative projects and artistic excellence.