Artist Promotional Booklet

The way in which artists present themselves is increasingly important to galleries and collectors, not only in their artistic abilities but also in relation to industry accolade. Many artists struggle to promote their work on its visual merit whilst simultaneously giving a credible and expert review of their work.

ICAC Booklet Service - What it means

Our role is to combine your artworks with a fantastic critique in one professional and distinguished 12 page document that can be distributed amongst galleries and clients. It is a perfect and cost effective way to promote your work as an artist.
We will produce a stunning 12 page A5 document showcasing your works in an elegant layout which will include:
  • Images of artworks
  • Images of the artist
  • One artist critique written by a critic from the International Confederation of Art Critics 
  • Artist’s biography
  • Artist’s Curriculum Vitae
  • Artist’s statement, thoughts and philosophies

You shall then receive 500 copies of the booklet which will be sent to your address (UK addresses only). We shall also send you a high resolution copy for you to reprint or distribute online at your discretion. If you wish to order more copies through ICAC, please enquire and we can provide a quote for the desired quantity.


Timing and Information

  • Once a deposit is paid, will then email you requesting relevant images and information
  • All critiques are subject to approval by our critics and are only made if the critique will be positive
  • Deposits are refunded in full if an artist is not approved for a critique
  • Booklets are usually ready within 4-6 weeks.


Total cost: £1,200 GBP

  • £600 deposit is requested at order
  • £600 payment due before receiving first draft


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Once a deposit is paid, we will then email you requesting relevant images and information