Sarah Cosford Critique by Christopher Rosewood

sarah cosford critique christopher rosewood artist artSarah Cosford elegantly conveys her creative energy through an eloquent amalgamation of acrylic and spray paints with a refined process that allows her art to evolve via the engagement and interpretation of balanced textures and compositional elements. The playful approach to shape and subtle but expressive shades of colour delicately stimulate the viewer, who can perceive conceptual connections with Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko and some manifestations of Abstract Expressionism. Cosford innovatively translates her dreamy style via a passionate and avant garde relationship with her innate inventiveness, which creates a transformative ambience that manifests itself in the artist’s exquisite and tender affinity to her medium. Cosford’s exploration of her materials homogenise her fundamental philosophical thoughts with an intuitive execution of primordial, albeit contained and channeled, artistic flair.
Cosford’s ethereal artworks possess a reflective quality that proffer the viewer with an opportunity for cerebral contemplation; indeed, her pieces have a meditative charm that entrenches an impenetrable bond with aspects of Marc Chagall’s paintings. Cosford’s mystical opuses gracefully present an intriguing juxtaposition between fluid forms and an angular use of line that coalesce in peaceful harmony leaving the viewer with an intrinsic sense of optimism and profound intrigue into the mysteries of the artist’s innermost thoughts.
Through hue and construction, Cosford captures and communicates the true essence and feeling of timeless beauty with a similar sophisticated dexterity as seen in the work of Georgia O’Keeffe. Both artists possess the venerable ability to immortalise the emotion of an instant through simple yet impactful artistic conceptions. Cosford’s compositions allow the viewer to detach from objective reality as they embark on a pensive journey enriched with hazy geometric forms, at times even reminiscent of Francis Bacon, and scintillating light as one contemplates the illusive stratosphere beyond. Her artworks share a vivid energy with Max Ernst’s abstract collection and, by pondering Cosford’s oeuvre, the viewer feels transported to a dimension that translates the artist’s subconscious instincts and stimulates thought via the meanders of her unique mind.
Cosford’s pieces share the transcendent qualities evident in Edvard Munch’s artworks through the uncanny sense that the viewer is observing something of another realm. A deeply relaxing atmosphere emanates from the misty haven of Cosford’s celestial environments in which the spectator is inclined to release tension and embrace the calming nirvana before them. Glistening orbs and delicate petals entrance the onlooker with the artist’s individual interpretation of infinite possibilities, and her inherent affinity with Mother Nature breathes through each sophisticated aspect of her abstractions. The shimmering reflections of light upon the surface appear to exhibit some visual links with Claude Monet whilst her adept use of form is reminiscent of Roberto Matta. The enticing ripples drift above a peaceful underwater paradise which one is propelled to dive into as the work emits a restful spirit upon its surroundings.
Pursuant to deep analysis of Cosford’s use of shape and colour, a distinct element of Constructivism is also detectable that implies intellectual ties with Joseph Albers. A visual poetry is formed by the infatuating interactions between the bold gestures and tones, which gives a suggestion of the artist’s implicit beliefs whilst simultaneously allowing the viewer to absorb the complexities of the piece with a personal narrative. Further connections can be denoted with Frantisek Kupka and Paul Klee when considering their ardent approach to their medium and shared proclivity to profoundly move the spectator via a subtle and nuanced application of paint.
The powerful serenity harboured in Cosford’s pieces is resolute in its ability to enchant the spectator and as they traverse to superlunary facets of the imagination. Each artwork radiates with a sublime and phosphorescent tenor that inspires uplifting thoughts in those who gaze upon them; the artist passionately channels her individual perspective through her fervent creativity, and each composition enriches the soul of the viewer with a revitalised state of mind.