Silviu Florian Lisaru - The Critique

Silviu Florian Lisaru Artist Critique ArtLisaru Silviu Florian is an eclectic Romanian sculptor whose work is strikingly diverse - it often contains many of the classical elements of bronze sculpture but with a style uniquely his own. In fact, like Manzù and Marini, he cannot be encompassed into a certain group or artistic movement, being faithful only to his own vision. The only formal influence is that of the statues of Classical Greece.
His work is both figurative and abstract, contemporary and traditional, patinated and polished. The juxtaposition of subjects is exhilarating. From traditional iconography and classical representations to grotesque improbable figures. From smaller pieces for indoors, to monumental ones that have also been integrated in architectural structures, the wide range of different sizes, techniques and subjects all denote the deep creative and variegated artistry of this talented modeller.
Traces of Ancient Greek sculpture can be found in Florian’s works that create feelings of density and volume together with a certain quest for the monumental that convey a primitive sense of vitality and power. The duality of Lisaru’s style and technique range from a more sensual surface texture of the bronze, characterised by the delicacy of lines and lyrical fluency of a timeless serenity, to the rougher and more textured surface of accelerated and energetic expressions of emotion.
However Florian chooses to represent his subconscious creative drive, either with a spontaneous flowing naturalism, or with a more formal and sober mannerism, the rich pathos and poetical feelings revealed from within the cast of his bronzes, instil forceful human emotions to the statues. Lisaru takes the bronze matter and maximises its multiple characteristics – from the incontrovertible power of its poundage to its exquisite ethereal weightlessness with masterful skill and talent.
Benvenuto Cellini said: “All works of nature created by God in heaven and on earth are works of sculpture” and Florian takes the responsibility of this investiture and delivers it to us all with great bounteousness and nobility.
Karen Lappon
International Confederation of Art Critics