Sølvi Sanden - The Critique

Solvi Sanden Artist Art CritiqueSølvi Sanden’s diverse range of spectacular artworks fascinate the viewer with their ability to stimulate intellectual, spiritual and aesthetic dimensions, concealing beauty between the folds of existence and blurring the distinction between reality and figment. This Norwegian artist conveys intense emotions by illustrating incredibly refined figurative representations through cerebral and expressive subject matter. Sanden’s attention to intricate details, fine adornments and to every little nook and cranny of the imaginative universe, show a highly distinctive artistry that makes her an exceptional painter that transcends ordinary pictorial realism.
Sanden often interprets reality through a unique combination of inspirational sources resulting in an brilliant vision of beautifully timeless art. Gestural brushstrokes create a vista of gracefulness and fluidity, which enthralls the spectator with intimate echoes of ancient memories and dreams rooted in a precious culture. Stylistically speaking, the sharp contrast between light and shadow becomes a chief component and inseparable essence of Sanden’s works, in the depiction of chiaroscuro that reminds us of the strong opposition between candlelight and darkness in Caravaggio’s Renaissance masterpieces.
The vivid divergence in different shades enhances the central figures in her works, donating a dramatic effect to the cryptic subjects represented. Combining the Great Masters of Flemish painting with the vibrant results of Antonio Ligabue’s Expressionism, this Norwegian painter audaciously achieves pictorial results and a sublime colour palette. Sanden further elevates her paintings with intriguing patterns and authentic textures, giving her canvases an extraordinary lifelike, intimate and communicative quality.
Analysing Sanden’s still lifes, the gloomy atmosphere in her mysterious compositions is illuminated by radiant touches of light that glimmer and echo the most precious Medieval altarpieces. Thus, creating a spiritual aura brimming with perplexing cultural references and hidden meanings. Sanden paints from pure and authentic creative impulses, often alluding to the element of surprise with unexpected juxtapositions, sparking an innovative and mentally stimulating analysis of our deepest emotions.
Timothy Warrington
International Confederation of Art Critics