Artist Antonino Trimarchi

Antonio Trimarchi Art Artist CritiqueThe Critique

Antonino Trimarchi’s intricate and innately powerful compositions reveal an overwhelming and exceptional talent, expressed in eclectic and intellectually stimulating creations ranging from the Surreal to pure Abstraction.

Fierce contrasts of rich tonalities intersect and intertwine in profound and endless meanders  of primary colours. Energetic and impressive shades simultaneously oppose and complement each other thus creating the perfect balance between Trimarchi’s imagination and the viewer’s interpretation of these wonderfully evocative narratives. Canvas after canvas, Antonino conveys a new perspective, a unique and intense analysis of our multifaceted contemporary society: the artist eloquently interprets the most human weaknesses as well as the most sublime intentions in the context of the modern impasse and crisis of values. Memories of a timeless glory are replaced by human bodies tangled together in indistinguishable masses of corruptible flesh. Trimarchi enthrals the observer with his impressive labyrinths of unforeseen objects, figures and forms given life through the use of supreme tones of colour that disclose an opaque aura of spiritual introspection. 
Notwithstanding Trimarchi’s expressive sincerity, his sharp eye leaves nothing to chance in the conception of enigmatic plots. Heterogeneous personalities are the protagonists of this artist’s oeuvre and become the channel through which our innermost emotions are transformed into authentic chromatic poems. Mysterious characters and fantastic horizons merge in a balanced transposition of reentrant and salient angles that transmit a powerful depth to each compositional element. Thus, the viewer is totally enchanted by the magical rainbow of shades that radiates from the canvas.
Stylistically speaking, Trimarchi is able to communicate his deep creative sensibility through skillful brushwork enriched with historical influences and references to the Masters of the 20th Century: a prominent Surrealism is perceived in this artist’s flexuous silhouettes and eccentric manner of expressing his emotive climax. Salvador Dalí claimed: "I am painting pictures which make me die for joy, I am creating with an absolute naturalness, without the slightest aesthetic concern, I am making things that inspire me with a profound emotion and I am trying to paint them honestly." Likewise we can decode the creative stimulus that arises from Trimarchi’s paintbrush: he demonstrates a tenacious dexterity in exemplifying scenarios that provoke a sense of fictitious reality portrayed with an overwhelming freedom of forms, plots and atmospheres.
Moreover, Antonino Trimarchi recalls some of the finest Fauvist painters. This talented Italian artist electrifies contrasting explosions of colour, reminiscent of Matisse, juxtaposing such elements with the proud chiaroscuro of Jean Metzinger and Kees van Dongen. De facto, Trimarchi’s acute intellect empowers tradition with modernity: his innovative contribution to art conveys a genius that is firmly rooted in a glorious past, albeit channelled through a creative process in constant evolution.
Timothy Warrington
International Confederation of Art Critics