Wenjun Fu - The Critique

Wenjun Fu Artist Critique ArtWenjun Fu is an extremely talented expressionist artist whose work ranges from figurative to abstract, investigating photographic media and communicating through conceptual pictures that obtain instant emotional impact. His works are characterised by a harmonic fusion of transcendent and definite figures that float in a space significantly constructed by a dramatic and bold use of chiaroscuro. The spectator is captured by the sharp juxtaposition of analogous and complementary colours.
De facto, Fu’s artworks recall the technique of one of the great pioneers of Nouveau Realism - Mimmo Rotella, famous for a subtractive process of collage in which he peeled off layers of images taken from advertisement posters and then mounted onto canvas. Fu’s photographs communicate the same outstanding erosive effect: instead of an image being built up entirely of existing images, they are created by cutting, tearing away or otherwise removing pieces of an original picture. Thus, one can admire an elaborate collage made of defocused appearances that are reminiscent of domestic cultural archetypes. Thick layers of pure hues animate the surface of Fu’s photographs and the vibrant colours create a vivacious and intense visual aesthetic.
From an unexpected maze of contrasting images and disparate illustrations, Fu attains an entirely new artistic result, saturated by metaphorical and philosophical implications, academic references and clashing paradigms. The viewer is faced with a new kind of Pop-Art that brings together the rational aspects of a photographic reproduction and the instinctive essence of pictorial Fine Art. An erudite and nostalgic sentiment characterises Fu’s compositions as he emphasises concepts of urban decay in a globalised world and the ephemerality that lies behind media images, although these ordinary icons are also elevated by classical and solemn allusions to a forgotten cultural glory.
The backgrounds in Fu’s artworks are often a monochrome shade, enlightened by the digital reproduction of elaborated layers that represent infinite memories. Fu is able to overcome the traditional languages of expression and representation, whilst showing an exclusive conceptual technique and promoting continuity in the philosophical embodiment of his message. Past and present, archaic and contemporary, classical and modern - every artwork retains an impressive and profound contrast of metaphors, shapes, colours and references. Fu’s passionate creativity is manifested in his extraordinary attempt to respond, artistically and accurately, to the ever-expanding world, reflecting on current global concerns with his iconic and powerful imagery.
Timothy Warrington
International Confederation of Art Critics