Wenling Wang - The Critique

Wenling Wang Artist Art CritiqueWenling Wang’s creations are profoundly shrouded in tantalising secrecy and gently embraced by a light that emerges elusively from the range of fascinating plots depicted. The spectator is overwhelmed by the intricacy of delicate details and the refined touches of this exceptional Chinese contemporary artist, whose brushwork is powerfully expressive and exquisite. Wang’s radiant watercolours are deeply evocative with vivid and enthralling imagery, whilst the pale colour palette creates an intimate atmosphere of serenity.
Each work draws us back for another look since Wang’s creative mind balances different hues in a tonal crescendo that conveys an elegant and eloquent dramatic impact. The observer is fascinated and immediately absorbed by her visual imagery, experiencing the full depth of the artist’s soul through her incredible artistry. De facto, Wenling combines a skilled technique with a compositional spontaneity that enhances her unique approach to the contemplative and nostalgic watercolour technique.
Suggestive and abstruse connotations juxtaposed with meticulous miniatures of the natural universe: twittering birds and shimmering blossoms animate and vitalise flourishing stretches of lush gardens; bright petals echo children’s radiant smiles, reflecting their jubilant thoughts and candid souls. Wang’s pictures have a life of their own: completely virtuous pieces conceived by a gifted artist who is able to express and transmit her inner subconscious to the enchanted spectator. Stylistically speaking, in each stroke we can clearly perceive influences by one of the oldest artistic traditions in the world: the chinese ink wash painting.
Wang’s conveys her exquisite botanical skills via compelling artistry, and her graceful subjects become entertained by a delicate beauty that hovers in an ethereal and alluring perception of reality. Mild hues of beige and light shades of grey blend with sparkling greens and blues that electrify the characters of the narrative and the enticing landscapes. She communicates profound emotions through delightful brushstrokes, conveying the infinite contours of her own personal world, made of reminiscent memories and visions, powerful desires and dreams. In fact, Wenling has developed an exceptional aesthetic consciousness, integrating an endless and ardent imagination with an extensive investigation and objective observation of reality.
Timothy Warrington
International Confederation of Art Critics