William Baran-Mickle - The Critique

William Baran-Mickle Artist Art CritiqueWilliam Baran-Mickle subtly exceeds the boundaries of static sculpture, inviting the viewer into an oneiric world made of edenic scenes straddling the three-dimensional art and antique jewelry masteries. The tactile use of brass, copper and nickel silver, amongst other alloys, perfectly conveys a philosophical meaning of timelessness reminiscent of the British sculptor Henry Moore, whose delicate portrayals of the human form are echoed in Baran-Mickle’s compositions.
The viewer is overwhelmed by the juxtaposition of the serene imagery depicted and the impenetrability of the material used: media and themes blend in a contrasting aura of mystery, that forces us to look closely at the message the artist is attempting to portray, trying to solve the enigma. Baran-Mickle focuses on wall reliefs, emphasising the true range of his artistic talent and allowing the viewer to float in a symbolic world in which the chimera and the real are seamlessly merged.
Stylistically speaking, his compositions are sophisticated and display a perfect harmony, thus presenting the viewer with the unforeseen and inexplicable. This contrasts with the spontaneous beauty of the artworks, hence juxtaposing their unassuming aesthetic with the complex techniques used to forge them; Baran-Mickle irradiates us with pure food for thoughts, inducing the viewer to rethink and explore the recondite significance of his creations.
The monochrome colour scheme allows the artist to explore the finer details, the dimples of skin, the delicate hands, or the precision within the wings of a butterfly. Therefore, the spectator is enchanted by an orchestra of intricate details, each of them attuned in a supreme melody that absorbs our senses. Baran-Mickle’s compositions convey an outstanding timeless plasticity and authenticates this artist’s mastery, clearly observable in his sharp ability to exceed the boundaries of painting and sculpture.
Baran-Mickle’s ambition enabled him to show the artworks in prestigious exhibitions all over the world, fascinating the public with his avant-garde and eclectic technique. Baran-Mickle is a true promise in the world of art today where the abstract is the prevailing trend.
Timothy Warrington
International Confederation of Art Critics