Wojciech Zaniewski Critique

Wojciech Zaniewski Artist Art CritiqueThe Critique

Wojciech Zaniewski’s mysterious landscapes appear as poetic metaphors conceived by a complex and reflective creative mind. Intensely enigmatic paths are the absolute protagonists of a captivating pictorial journey into this artist’s deepest subconscious sphere. Endless horizons to be freely interpreted by spectators, albeit who remain perpetually conscious of their inability to fully comprehend the infinite nuances of meaning contained in Zaniewski’s intricate works on paper. 
At a first glance, one is instinctively enthralled by the juxtaposition between the sophisticated shades of delicate greens and the fierce black sky, a union that provokes a striking visual effect.  The viewer is catapulted into an oneiric aura of contrasting atmospheres that instantly transform into a fertile cue for symbolic interpretations. 
Does the path lead anywhere? Does it successfully transverse the darkness of this energetic background and seek new horizons? Or does it terminate in an inescapable meandre of dreams? On deeper analysis, Zaniewski’s landscapes assume the form of mental stimuli, metaphysical spaces in constant evolution or surreal surroundings saturated with obscure references. Zaniewski is clearly fascinated by nature and by the infinitely faceted possibilities of perception: in fact, his solid yet turbulent skies radiate with artistic excellence while they are simultaneously softened by an exquisitely delicate colour palette. In a range of ochres and greys, Zaniewski creates elegant compositions that absorbs the viewer’s attention in a thought-provoking maze of divergent emotions.
Stylistically speaking, Zaniewski’s art employs a calculated balance of subdued colours and subtle tones. Chiaroscuro is transformed into cryptic shadows applied on the smooth surfaces, demarking a contemplative and silent three-dimensionality. In fact, when the viewer believes to understand a piece, he is soon surprised to discover that the composition remains a subconscious mystery: Zaniewski’s works carve out a new perceptual space reminiscent of Rothko, characterised by pure abstractions, simplified forms and intense perceptions of our ephemeral reality.  
Timothy Warrington
International Confederation of Art Critics